1-on-1 MEET UPs

Our primary focus as Christians is to live missionally and share the good news of Jesus's work on the cross. We hope to encourage and empower all Christians to share their fait and see the mission field that God has placed them in each and every day. Extend an open invitation to the people around you; get coffee and talk about what God has done. 

Spiritual Gifts Assignment (coming Soon)

The Holy Spirit gives gifts and blesses all of us differently.  We work with churches to provide a quick 30 minute spiritual gifting assessment test that connects you to the ministries at your church that the Holy Spirit has uniquely gifted you to serve in.

1 on 1 Discipleship (COMING SOON)

We are called as Christians to grow spiritually and encourage one another in this growth. The inter-generational connections that used to come naturally have been lost in our modern digital world. We hope to restore these connections by offering a place where older more experienced Christians can share their wisdom with the next generation.