Who we are

Coffee with a Christian is a network of Christian believers from many different churches and locations who have been screened, and then matched with a "seeker" in their area based upon gender, age or area of interest - to listen and explore any questions about God,  Jesus, the Bible, the Church, or faith over a cup of coffee in a public setting.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
— Matthew 28:19

Evangelism is our goal and our vehicle is Discipleship

We believe that the best and most positive way to change the world is to encourage deep and personal relationships with Jesus Christ. New members are brought into 1 on 1 discipleship relationships, which review with the basics of Christianity and culminate in lessons on how to share their faith.  

Once the basic discipleship program has been completed, all members are encouraged to sign up in our data-base so that if anyone in their area is interested in knowing more about Christ or reaching out to the church, they can meet them wherever they are at.  

Why we do this

We recognize that the media and outside world often perceive Christians as arrogant or hard to approach. Additionally, it is hard for Christians to build relationships and get to know non-Christians in a neutral setting. Our goal is to overcome these barriers by building genuine relationships.

We are called as Christians to make disciples of all nations and to always be prepared to defend our faith to anyone who asks. Often the skills and knowledge that these two tasks require are lacking, so our goal is to provide both training and opportunities for this calling.

Our Mission

This ministry has 3 objectives:

  1. Lead non-religious people to real and meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ.

  2. Train and disciple believers to share the Gospel.

  3. Help local churches and mature and expand their congregations through active engagement.

A new but old idea

While there is nothing new about sitting down with friends, family or even strangers to share the Gospel, Coffee with a Christian is unique in some very modern ways. We are able to increase the effectiveness of the church by dynamically connecting non-religious seekers with local congregation members that have been trained, vetted and matched by any number of factors including gender, age or area of interest.   

The website database also allows members to extend a very permanent standing invitation to non-religious friends, coworkers, family or even strangers who may not want or be able to meet up now, but are ever in our prayers.

If you are interested in speaking up for Christ in your community visit our serve page for more information

All photography courtesy of DL Moody